Homes will have a ‘detrimental’ impact on health care provision in Wragby

The proposed layout for the 158 home development.
The proposed layout for the 158 home development.

Plans regarding a development of 158 homes in Wragby have been met with strong objections from residents.

Applicant Mr Craig Hawley from Gleeson Regeneration Ltd, wants to build the development on land south of Horncastle Road.

In documents submitted to East Lindsey District Council, the applicant claims that the development would meet the needs of the local authority and people.

However, in a letter to the Horncastle News, resident Mr Vause explained: “Wragby Parish Council voted unanimously to oppose the planning application.

“The meeting was attended by a large number of local people enraged by Mr Hawley, Land Manager from Gleesons Regeneration Ltd.

“Glessons Regeneration Ltd propose to build 158 dwellings on prime arable land, when perfectly good brown field sites are currently available in Wragby.

“Additionally, the proposed dwellings will all be in flood zones!

“Mr Hawley told the meeting the target audience for the dwellings will be commuters, which in a world trying to reduce fossil fuels seems at odds with everyone else.

“They also plan to bury huge tanks in the middle of the development to store LPG a fossil fuel which in turn will be sold to the owners of the new dwellings.

“These huge tanks are located on their plans under the children’s play area.”

Wragby Parish Council’s Clerk confirmed that a representative from Gleesons Regeneration Ltd attended the meeting, and that the council will be objecting to the plans.

Wragby Surgery has also submitted objections to the plans - claiming that if granted an additional 400 patients would be ‘unmanageable’.

In a letter, Practice Manager Kerry Kinsey said: “Wragby Surgery would like to strongly oppose the planning application for 158 new dwellings in Wragby off Horncastle Road.

“The impact of an extra 400 plus patients would be unmanageable.

“Any increase in demand on medical services would have detrimental effects and Wragby Surgery is concerned about how the additional demand will be met at a time when we are already stretched.”