Help church create cascade of poppies

Poppy craft at St Thomas's Church room EMN-180817-104846001
Poppy craft at St Thomas's Church room EMN-180817-104846001

A cascade of poppies is set to adorn the church tower in Market Rasen this Remembrance time - if enough can be created.

Members of St Thomas’s Church are aiming for 5,000 poppies to hang from the tower to mark the cessation of fighting in World War I.

So far, the total made is around the 2,000 mark, but they are confident the total will be reached.

The Rev Steve Johnson said: “This is a real community project and will be a fitting backdrop to the start of this year’s Remembrance parade.

“We have lots of people busy making poppies all over the place - even I have crocheted one or two.

“We get bags of poppies dropped through our letter box and boxes of them just turn up out of the blue.

“One lady delivered a box full of 300 poppies that she had made.”

And it isn’t just people close at hand who are contributing to the poppy total.

The Rev Johnson continued: “My mother in Stoke is busy knitting away and we even have people in Canada making some.

“It is like ripples; people are seeing others make the poppies so they decide they would like to have a go - it is remarkable.

“I bet the Stitch Witch has never sold so much red wool!”

However, the poppies are not just being made in red; there are also purple poppies, remembering animals who have been victims of war, and blue poppies represent the French colour of Remembrance, the cornflower.

The idea of the poppy cascade was suggested by Julia Pullen and she has been delighted with the response.

She said: “I had obviously seen other poppy cascades and thought why couldn’t we do one here?

“The response has been amazing and we are looking forward to the final result.”

Poppies can be knitted or crocheted and need to be completed by the end of September; patterns available if needed.

Poppy drop-ins are being held every Thursday in the Church Rooms, when anyone interested in finding out more is welcome to go along.