Has it al gone ‘parking mad’ in Market Rasen

Queen Street in Market Rasen EMN-171209-070514001
Queen Street in Market Rasen EMN-171209-070514001

The issue of parking on double yellow lines in Queen Street is becoming ‘more and more dangerous’.

That was the message from residents and councillors alike at Market Rasen Town Council’s September meeting, which took place last Wednesday evening (September 6).

Some residents claimed problems with congestion and safety were caused by motorists parking their cars on double yellow lines - and even on the pavement - on Queen Street, the main thoroughfare through Market Rasen.

These issues were put to Police Constable Christopher Bell, who was in attendance at the meeting - but it was revealed that there was ‘little they (Lincolnshire Police) could do’ to combat the issue.

Coun Ken Bridger said: “There have been concerns raised over illegal parking on the main street by the pizza place - and it’s becoming more and more dangerous.

“They’re parked on double yellow lines and they’re also parked on the footpath.”

Coun Cathryn Turner added: “Tonight there were three cars parked there.

“I had to wait for quite a lot of traffic to come through before I was actually able to get past.”

A resident who was present at the meeting added that she had seen as many as seven cars parked on that stretch of road.

However, PC Bell revealed that Lincolnshire Police have ‘limited powers’ in such situations - since the contravention of on-street parking restrictions was decriminalised under the Road Traffic Act 1991.

This saw powers granted to Lincolnshire County Council, leaving the authority with the responsibilty of issuing a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) when on-street parking restrictions are contravened.

PC Bell said: “We’ve got limited powers on that front.

“There is no offence with parking on footpaths at all, and parking on double yellow lines was decriminalised a long time ago.

“The police don’t have tickets or powers of enforcement for double yellow lines, that’s gone to civil enforcement with the county council.

“The officers you see out with the green bits are the only ones who can deal with it.

“What we can deal with is obstruction, but it has to be that you physically cannot get past a vehicle - not just inconvenience with waiting a little while.

“When we get people parking on the footpath, we can advise them, but invariably they know the law and what they can and cannot do.”

Lincolnshire County Council:

Matt Jones, parking services manager, said:

“We carry out regular patrols in Market Rasen, and Queen Street is always included in these.

“Anyone found breaching the parking restrictions will be given a ticket

“And, if they are causing an obstruction, they could face police action.

“We have not been made aware of any significant issues in Market Rasen, but, if anyone is particularly concerned about problem parking, they can contact our enforcement team on 01522 511142.”