Gorgeous Goltho comes out on top in TV show challenge

Debbie Hollingworth outside the Goltho House B&B EMN-150828-223341001
Debbie Hollingworth outside the Goltho House B&B EMN-150828-223341001

Well-known for its beautiful herbaceous borders, Goltho Gardens has become an award winner for its beds of another kind.

Owner Debbie Hollingworth and her daughter Emma have taken part in daytime TV show ‘Three in a Bed’, which sees B&B owners take turns to stay with one another and then pay what they consider a fair price for their stay.

And Goltho House lost just £2.50 on their overall room rate.

“That’s nothing, you couldn’t even buy a pint for that, ” said 

Goltho wowed the other B&B owners - all mothers and daughters - with their rooms and gardens themselves.

“I like the whole set up here,” said fellow competitor Jan, who runs Graeanfryn Farm in Wales and paid 100 percent of the asking price for the room.

The third team was from a traditional Blackpool B&B - The Carlee Hotel.

“It was good fun taking part,” said Debbie.

“At the beginning I was a bit apprehensive, but it was all mothers and daughters and turned out ok.”

It was the second time Debbie had been asked to take part in the programme.

“I don’t really watch the show, but Emma said it would be good, so we got on with it,” said Debbie.

Filming took place last October, so it has been quite a wait to see the final product.

“We were originally told it would be aired in the spring, but then it was put back and now it is almost a year ago,” added 

“Initially we were in the swing of it, but waiting this long, we have come back to earth and thought oh my gosh - but I think we presented ourselves well.

“We didn’t just want to promote ourselves, but Lincoln and around too - and I think we did that.”

The Goltho Gardens enterprise has built up over the years, but still remains a true family concern.

Initially, it was just the garden, which opened occasionally for charity.

Debbie’s sister Lesley would come over and help provide tea and cake at these events - then it all grew from there.

The garden opened on a more regular basis, so it made sense for Lesley, and husband Martin, to have a more permanent base at the site - and The Wagon House Tea Room was created.

Now the tea room , garden and nursery are open five days a week, Wednesday to Sunday, with mum Liz and dad Ken Rushby also working in the business.

About five years ago, they decided to open the B&B, which has proved to be a successful addition to the business and now offers on-line booking.

The garden continues to open for various charities too.

The next opening will be on Sunday, September 27, as part of the National Garden Scheme.