Glentham poultry plans in firing line with more backlash

The well-attended meeting saw Glentham village hall packed with around 100 residents. EMN-170707-102936001
The well-attended meeting saw Glentham village hall packed with around 100 residents. EMN-170707-102936001

Nearly 100 residents piled into Glentham village hall last Thursday to raise their objections to a proposed poultry unit which would house up to 400,000 birds.

The unit is proposed for land off Bishopbridge Road in Glentham.

Around 100 residents descended on Glentham Parish Council’s monthly meeting this month - with the overall message that they wanted the plans ‘stopped before they started.’

West Lindsey District Council leader and local councillor for Glentham Jeff Summers also attended the meeting and said he ‘objected’ to the plans.

Many residents felt that too little had been done by WLDC to notify them that the poultry unit had been applied for.

One resident said: “One of the very serious issues is that fact that the local authority has failed to notify us about this application.”

Another resident added: “I had a letter about it, and rang people in the village and they said they had never heard anything about it. I came into the village myself and started telling people.”

Coun Summers replied: “The legal situation as far as notification is concerned, even though it may look extremely scant, WLDC do comply to the rules.

“I do agree, however, that the minimum requirement is not good enough.”

He added: “I wouldn’t normally declare my stance - but I do and will object to this proposal.

“But don’t rely on me - the objections with real weight are individual letters to the planning officer which address real planning issues.”

Coun Summers added that these include the impact on local highways, regarding access to the site and increased traffic volume on roads.

Coun Summers also said the odour and noise produced by the unit, as well as drainage at the site, were also legitimate objections.

Agent for the proposal Brian Barrow said: “The site will require a licence from the Environment Agency to operate, they would not grant a licence if they had environmental concerns.

“At the end of the cycle all dirty water is collected in a fully contained system and disposed off site. Clean water is dealt with via a balancing system that is designed to release it at the current rate.

“Traffic figures are in the Environmental Statement. All forms of agricultural production have peaks and troughs in traffic movements, and broiler units are not unusually high.”

What residents had to say...

“One of the things that never comes to light about these poultry units is the level of harmful emissions produced... there has not been enough research done to say for sure this is not harmful.”

Micheal Ormian

“150 fans running 24 hours a day is going to be deafening.”

Glentham resident, who did not wish to be named

“It says the site will be drained to the ditch system via an attenuation pump. I’m a little bit concerned as to where is goes once it’s gone into that ditch.”

Glentham Resident, Who did not wish to be named