From proms to Poppies to Parade for Rasen band

Market Rasen Band
Market Rasen Band

Market Rasen Band held their annual Proms to Poppies concert in the town’s Festival Hall at the weekend.

Also in attendance were members of The Royal British Legion making the occasion all the more poignant in this 100th year since the end of WW1.

Bandmaster Peter Wood said: “We would like to thank everyone who attended and it was so lovely to see so many new faces in the audience.”

The Market Rasen Band has led the Armistice Day parade from the Market Place to the War Memorial without fail since the band’s reformation in the 1960s and this year will be no exception.

Mr Wood said: “We are privileged to announce that this year, East Yorkshire Motor Services Band (EYMS) are supporting the Town Band on Sunday November 11.

“ EYMS are a Championship Band, originally known as the City of Hull Band, and their contribution is certainly going to enhance the musical quality of the remembrance parade and add to the very special event.

“We are very grateful to EYMS, our supporters and our sponsors - the Town Council and United Health.”