Flooding a persistent issue on A46

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Flooding on one of the area’s main roads has again been causing disruption to motorists.

Persistent rain towards the end of last week saw the A46 closed off once again near the Holton le Moor railway crossing.

With neighbouring land saturated and further rain forecast, it looks like it could be some time before a long-term solution to the problem can be found.

The local highways manager said: “We realise this is an extremely frustrating situation for local residents and motorists, and would like to reassure people we are doing all we can to put an end to the repeated flooding.

“The flooding is not the result of any fault with the highway itself.

“The water is actually flowing in from the land adjacent to the main road, which is privately owned.

“Despite this, we took the decision to clear the private ditch that was partly causing the problem, and jet the system to help the water drain a little better.

“However, there is also a blocked culvert on private land and we are pushing the respective landowners to get this fixed.

“With part of this culvert being under a live railway line, it will be difficult to repair this ourselves.”

A team from Lincolnshire Highways was due to visit the site yesterday to investigate whether there are any works they can carry out to get things moving.

The highways manager continued: “Network Rail are carrying out further investigation.

“We are offering our support to them, and the other landowners, to assist with a resolution as quickly as possible.”