First responder helping LIVES and hospice

Caron Hunt
Caron Hunt

A Ludford woman set off on Saturday to walk the 147-mile Viking Way, despite being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome two years ago.

Caron Hunt is also a cancer survivor and is looking to complete the long-distance path in 12 days - but not consecutively.

However, she admits it will be a challenge.

Caron said: “I have had to retrain myself to manage this chronic condition, just like so many other people who also live with this kind of debilitating condition.

“I may not manage all of it, but with the company of my loyal dog Millie we will give it all we have.”

And Caron is being spurred on to do her best on the walk as she is supporting two causes close to her heart - LIVES and St Andrew’s Hospice.

She said: “I chose St Andrew’s as I have supported them for some time due to being a survivor of cancer myself and then working alongside them in my role as Macmillan nurse.

“I understand the immense importance to all the families concerned who use their facilities and for their continued support and existence.”

Caron is also a First Responder so knows the value of the LIVES charity.

She said: “It makes such a huge difference to the people of Lincolnshire to have this service ready and equipped to help when there is an emergency response required.

“Also, I wished to give something back to LIVES for the excellent training and provision of equipment, as it is all done through charitable donations and I continue to be supported and trained by them to support my community.”

Caron is hoping people will join in with her on the sections of the walk and full details can be found on the LIVES Facebook page.

Anyone who would like to support LIVES can do so by visiting or to support St Andrew’s end the link caron-hunt1 .