Fewer potholes promised on A631 near Rasen

Fewer pot holes promised
Fewer pot holes promised

Middle Rasen district councillor Geoff Wiseman has been promised there should soon be fewer potholes on the A631 between Market Rasen and Gainsborough.

Coun Wiseman told Lincolnshire County Councils highways chiefs that on a recent trip along the road he counted the potholes and “got well into double figures” and some would do “severe damage” to vehicles.

Yellow paint marks have been drawn around the potholes for some time but repair work is yet to be undertaken. There have been some improvements to the road between West Rasen and Middle Rasen but the stretch has yet to be completed.

“It just seems to be fading away or getting worse,” he told members of West Lindsey’s Challenge & Improvement committee last week.

“That road is absolutely horrendous. There’s a major issue. I have people in Middle Rasen complaining all the time. The A631 all the way through to Market Rasen should be looked at,” he added.

Head of Highways Paul Little replied that “prioritisation is difficult.”

“I would love to do the lot but we have managed to get two schemes done by the end of this financial year. The other section that you mention, I hope to follow on as soon as I can, hopefully in the next financial year. With the end of the frosts, hopefully we will see an improvement.”