Fence damage costs Rasen pensioner over £1,000

Heartbroken: Just some of the nine fencing panels damaged at a Rasen pensioner's Coronation Road property EMN-170802-110013001
Heartbroken: Just some of the nine fencing panels damaged at a Rasen pensioner's Coronation Road property EMN-170802-110013001

A Market Rasen pensioner is facing costs of more than £1,000 after vandals damaged nine panels of fencing at her property.

A resident of Coronation Road, who did not wish to be named, told the Market Rasen Mail she was ‘disgusted’ to find herself the victim of criminal damage after being out for just a few short hours.

The damage to the resident’s fence happened ‘in broad daylight’ on Sunday February 5.

She also said repairing the damage would cost her more than £1,000.

The resident, whose property backs on to the Mill Road playing field, told the Mail: “I went out of the house at quarter past nine in the morning and was back by a quarter past two in the afternoon.

“My son told me about what had happened and I was absolutely heartbroken.

“My house backs on to the playing field and we could see about 20 to 30 lads all looking across and pointing at the fence.

“This happened in broad daylight and I’m absolutely devastated.”

The resident told the Market Rasen Mail that she called the police but they did not attend the scene at the time.

She also remarked that living alone made her feel ‘frightened’ after being targeted.

She is even thinking of looking into installing CCTV at her property.

She said: “If the police had come they might have caught whoever damaged the fence and I would feel much better about it.

“I live on my own here since I lost my husband and it’s frightening.

“I’ve lived here for 39 years and have never had anything like this happen to me before

“I’ve never shouted at any of the kids in the park before, I’ve just lived here peacefully.

“It makes you wonder what might happen next and I’m always on edge now.

“It’s going to cost me £1,396 to repair because I’m putting concrete posts in to step up security.

“I suppose I’ve just been unlucky.”

Lincolnshire Police have put out an appeal for information following the incident at the Coronation Road property.

A PCSO attended the scene on Tuesday February 7 and told the Market Rasen Mail: “That amount of damage would have been very loud and disruptive.

“Somebody must have seen or heard something, or must know something about what happened.

“The police are making every effort to identify who was involved.”

If you have any information relating to the incident please call Lincolnshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 220 of February 5.

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Following on from this story, Market Rasen NPT sent out the following:

‘This week’s Rasen Mail reported a story about a Criminal Damage incident that occurred to a fence on Coronation Road.

The incident was classified for Non Attendance due to no offenders being on scene when the damage was discovered hence no need for officers to respond immediately.

However, a local PCSO did attend the scene within 48 hours of being allocated the incident and following on from investigations the offenders were identified within two hours of the scene visit.

All the offenders have admitted to their part in the incident and are currently being dealt with by police and will be paying the cost of the damage they actually caused.’