Fears ‘nightmare’ parking in Caistor will block 999 ambulances

Chapel Street in Caistor EMN-160513-135556001
Chapel Street in Caistor EMN-160513-135556001

Fears badly parked cars could block ambulances and fire engines from getting through a Caistor street have forced the town council to make calls for ‘urgent’ talks with the highways department.

Caistor Town Council says the problems are happening in Church Street and Chapel Street, with one councillor describing the situation as a “nightmare”.

Members discussed the issue at their monthly meeting in the town hall on Thursday (May 12) - and resolved to instruct clerk Helen Pitman to contact Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department to request a meeting/site visit.

Coun Martin Sizer told the meeting: “It’s a nightmare.

“You can’t even get your car through there never mind any emergency vehicles.”

And Coun Clive Rudd had strong feelings on the subject as well.

He said: “You won’t get an ambulance through.

“Three weeks ago I couldn’t get through with a car.

“You won’t get past the chapel.

“You won’t get down with an ambulance, a fire engine won’t get a look in.”

Mayor Carol MacKenzie said the town council had received a letter from one resident suggesting parking permits might solve the problem.

But Coun Steve Millson suggested double yellow lines might the the best solution to the issue.

He said: “Is it just as simple as having yellow lines on both sides at its narrowest?”

Coun Deborah Barker said she believed the best solution was to promote better parking in the area.

Coun Barker told the meeting: “It’s more about sensible parking.

“I don’t think you can put parameters on anyone and fine anyone without making it more difficult for residents.”

Coun Alan Caine said there were two strands to the problem - making sure there was space for residents to park as well as enough space for big emergency vehicles to get through.

He said: “One of the things is the safety aspect.

“If you can’t get a fire engine through then there’s a problem.

“The county [council] have to look at this urgently.”

Councillors also discussed parking issues in other parts of the town.

It was agreed that there should be a ‘no parking’ sign put up at the entrance to South Street Park.

The proposal was put forward by Coun Alan Cain and backed by other members.

And councillors discussed an issue with parking in the town hall car park.

Members were told there was a problem with a ‘very large’ van.

The meeting was told how the van was ‘killing off’ plants due to the way it was being parked.

It was decided that the council would contact the driver of the van and ask him to park elsewhere in the town.

Several councillors suggested the van should be parked in the town’s Mill Lane instead.

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