Farmers struggling to put food on their own table


Poverty is not just a city thing and even farmers sometimes struggle to make ends meet.

So says Milly Wastie of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution’s Lincolnshire branch.

The charity distributed £70,000 to 54 farming families in the county last year and expects to help a similar number with a similar sum this year, when it makes a final winter fuel payment to beneficiaries in the weeks ahead.

Milly says the charity faces a £40,000 shortfall as it seeks to provide further household goods, mobility equipment, emergency grants and food vouchers to needy farmers.

“It’s ironic to think farmers work so hard to put food on our tables when they can’t put food on their own tables. There’s a perception the farming community doesn’t need help but these people work so hard and it’s unappreciated,” Milly said.

This year, increases in input costs and severe weather made it a difficult year for many,” Milly said, but the National Farmers Union and Lincolnshire farmers also help.