Farmers still need help


Farmers across Lincolnshire are continuing their support for their flood-hit Cumbrian colleagues.

This weekend, another load of animal feed set off for the area thanks to the Lincolnshire-based charity Forage Aid, which has set up links for farmers all over the country to Cumbrian farmers in the wake of the damage caused by the winter flooding.

Members of NFU’s North Lincolnshire branch have raised funds and collected the feed so farmers and hauliers JS and J Buckley could, once again, transport the donated hay and haylage to Cumbria.

“Farmers are still in great need of help, weeks after the actual flooding events,” said Tom Wells, NFU North Lincolnshire branch chairman.

“Although attention has faded, they (farmers) are in a worse position now than before as stocks run out.”

The full load set off from Froghall Farm in Howsham, where Mr Wells and fellow farmers were present to send it on its way.

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