Farmer comes to the rescue of Rasen residents

The road at the centre of flooding concerns - dubbed 'Water Road' by residents. Photo: Supplied
The road at the centre of flooding concerns - dubbed 'Water Road' by residents. Photo: Supplied

The Middle Rasen community has thanked a kind-hearted farmer for clearing a ‘blocked pipe’ which they say causes flooding on a lane they refer to as ‘Water Lane’.

After hearing about the problem facing residents, a farmer from Middle Rasen came forward to clear the pipe - free of charge.

Helen Taylor, who lives in North Street, first contacted the Rasen Mail last month.

Speaking about the kind actions of the farmer, Ms Taylor said: “A good hearted local farmer came and cleared the pipe.

“I do understand they (the council) are busy, what with the snow, potholes and everything else - a bit of courtesy costs nothing.”

“We would all just like to say a massive thank you to the farmer.”

As previously reported, Ms Taylor moved to Middle Rasen in 2010.

She claims that flooding, which has been a problem in the village for two years, was a result of work carried out by the county council.

She says there used to be a dyke which ran in front of the houses in North Street, but that the council ‘got rid of it’.

Speaking in February, Ms Taylor said: “The council removed the dyke, filled it in and put a pipe under the road. The pipe is blocked so the dyke fills up and water then flows onto the road.

The situation had got so bad that residents refer to North Street as ‘Water Road’.

Questioning who should unblock the pipe, Ms Taylor pointed to the county council.

Last month, Lincolnshire County Council told the Rasen Mail that the responsbility for the pipe does not belong to the council.

The local highways manager said: “It is likely to be the responsibility of the adjacent landowner and there are certainly no highway gullies running into it. Speaking to the Rasen Mail after the latest development, the local highways manager said: “Hopefully, now the pipe has been cleared, there should be less likelihood of standing water on the road.

“While this has never caused any significant issues, we are sure this news will be welcomed by residents.”