Don’t miss Rasen’s Christmas Eve visit from the man in red

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After providing the splendid Christmas tree in the market place, Santa’s helpers are now preparing for the main event today, Christmas Eve.

Organised by Market Rasen Children’s Christmas Tree Fund, Santa Claus will again be visiting Market Rasen on Christmas Eve, as he has done for more than 65 years.

He will arrive in the market place at 4pm, where he will be giving presents to all the local children aged seven years of age and under.

“Christmas is a time for everyone to celebrate, so please come along with the family and enjoy the sight of excited children, the smells of the steam engine and the sound of the organ, all of which signify the official start of Christmas 2016,” said the Rev Cropper.

“And thanks to those who purchased raffle tickets or have given donations to the Fund; it is this generosity that enables Santa to come along.”