‘Dogs not welcome in Caistor......’

Part of the grounds at Caistor Sports and Social Club. Clive Rudd says a small area could be fenced off for dog walkers to use
Part of the grounds at Caistor Sports and Social Club. Clive Rudd says a small area could be fenced off for dog walkers to use

A Caistor town councillor has spoken out after a request for somewhere to walk dogs was dismissed at this month’s council meeting.

The town council had been asked to consider fencing off an area by the community orchard in the grounds of the Sports and Social Club for dog walking.

Clive Rudd, who has been campaigning for the past two years for a suitable dog walking area in the town, spoke in support of the request.

However, his fellow councillors were not so keen for part of the council-owned area to be used in this way.

Coun Angela Clark, council representative on the sports and social committee, said: “One thing that sticks out is the bye-law that says dogs must be on a lead at all times.

“We also have another team going to start this next season, so the space is needed.

“We still have a major problem with dog fouling too - it’s an ongoing situation.”

However, Coun Steve Critten felt the request may be in part a solution.

He said: “If the dogs are confined to a specific area it would ease the issue of dog fouling.”

Coun Rudd said he felt dog owners were not being treated fairly.

He said: “Dog owners are being discriminated against.

“We might as well put in the paper ‘don’t come to Caistor; dogs not welcome here’.”

Now Mr Rudd has gone on to criticise the council in an open letter to dog owners of the town.

The letter reads: ‘Many of you asked me to approach Caistor Town Council once again regarding allowing dogs off the lead in a tiny part of the bottom sports field.

‘I raised this issue at the council meeting on 12th July. If you recall, two years ago 134 of you signed a petition asking the same thing. It was refused then!

‘Considering the size of the two huge sports fields this seems selfish in the extreme.

‘All you asked for was a small area about 30 yards wide running the width of the field and fenced with sheep wire to keep dogs off the games area.

‘A feeble objection was made on the grounds that the bylaws state dogs must be kept on a lead. It does not need anyone with a modicum of intelligence to realise the Town Council make these bylaws which can easily be amended.

‘Cost would be negligible to fence an area off. Bear in mind the Sports and Social Club plan a major renovation and an extension programme costing many tens of thousands of pounds. But this is OK we do not mind throwing money hand over fist to the Sports Club.

‘The dog owners are not even fractionally considered.

‘In the final analysis the best advice I can give is do not bring your dog to Caistor they will not be welcome’.