‘Dog owners – stay away from Caistor’

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A Caistor councillor has spoken out about the lack of consideration given to dog owners like himself after a request was made at this month’s town council meeting for a section of land to be given over to dog walkers.

Clive Rudd, who serves as a town councillor, said: “Dog owners are clearly not wanted in Caistor.

“Someone wrote in asking if the council would, again, reconsider use of a very small section of the small sports field to be fenced off to enable dog walkers to allow dogs off leads.

“A vote was taken and only myself voted for the proposal to go ahead.

“One council worthy came up with the puerile comment that it is a sports club. When you consider the vast area allocated to sports it clearly indicates the selfishness of those associated with the club.”

Mr Rudd said the subject is something very close to his heart as he is a dog owner.

Mr Rudd continued: “Caistor Town Council is not very social or sociable regarding dog owners.

“It should be made abundantly clear that Caistor Town Council does not welcome visitors with dogs.

“So, dog owners, stay away from Caistor, you are not wanted.”

This is not the first time a request has been made for part of the sports and social club land to be given over to dog walkers.

Last summer a similar request was made, but councillors voted against it.

Mr Rudd has been campaigning for more than two years for a suitable area to be provided to walk dogs after a long-standing dog walking field on Kelsey Road was closed off.

Speaker after the meeting, town clerk Jim Hanrahan spoke about the decision.

He said: “Council rejected a request for an enclosed dog run in favour of more dog marshals to deter dog owners to let their dog off the lead.

“It is not that dogs aren’t welcome, it is more ensuring their owners are more responsible and clean up after them.”