Dirty dogs face £1,000 fine in council crackdown

Dog fouling
Dog fouling

An ‘Action Plan’ and a council bylaw are being drafted to tackle dog fouling in De Aston Field.

Market Rasen Town Council approved the measures last week and has also called in West Lindsey’s District Council’s Street Force to clean up some of the dog mess.

“Some members of the public are deliberately using De Aston Field to exercise their dogs and not pick up after them. The town council has had several complaints and on investigation have seen how bad it is and in an horrendous state,” said Town Clerk Betty Gash.

“Dog owners are reminded that dogs should be kept on the lead and to pick up after their dog mess. The Action Plan is to install large signs to stipulate NO DOG FOULING and those that are caught can expect a penalty fine up to £1,000. There is a public right at De Aston Field so the town council is not in a position to ban dogs from the field. The town council asks members of the public to report to the district council any dog owner that does not pick up after their dog,” she said.