Deadline looms for residents to raise objections to WLDC plan to charge for parking in Rasen

Market Rasen EMN-160425-071445001
Market Rasen EMN-160425-071445001

A public consultation on West Lindsey District Council’s plan to charge for car parking in Market Rasen is now underway.

The council wants to charge people to park in John Street, Festival Hall and Kilnwell Road car parks – and has started a 28-day public consultation on its proposal.

Residents have until Friday, May 20, to raise any objections, with ticket machines planned to be in place by the summer.

Market Rasen Town Council has already written to WLDC asking officers to reconsider the proposal – and residents and businesses owners have spoken about how they believe charges will kill-off the town.

The move comes as East Lindsey District Council reversed its decision to charge for car parking.

But West Lindsey District Council remains committed to its plan.

A WLDC spokesman said: “The notice of proposals advises that objections can be made within a specified timescale (in our case 28 days rather than the more usual 21 days) and gives details of how to make such objections.

“The consultation and notice of proposals contain the same information, i.e. what the district council proposes to introduce.

“It is then up to the individual to decide on what grounds (if any) they wish to object to.

“If any objections are made, they will be considered by the relevant committee of the district council who will then decide whether or not they are valid and if the order should be made unchanged, modified or abandoned.

“If it is decided that the order should be modified, a further period allowing for objections may be required.”

The district council has already carried out an initial consultation with ‘general parties’ – and no objections were raised.

The spokesman said: “The process we are following is as directed by our legal advisers.

“Their standard timescale for public comment is 21 days, however we are allowing 28 days in this instance.

“The initial consultation was with more general parties that may need to know about the district council’s proposals, i.e. police, road haulage etc.

“Their responses have now been received.

“No objections arose from these initial consultations.”

The proposal was drawn up by WLDC officers and has already been approved by the council’s policy and resources and prosperous communities committees.

WLDC prosperous communities committee chairman Coun Owen Bierley said: “The idea of introducing a car parking charge to Market Rasen is a way of trying to support local businesses.

“It is hoped it will increase the turnover of spaces for shoppers in the town, rather than commuters parking up all day as they commute to other destinations.”

The move is estimated to generate an additional £50k for the council but will cost £65,000 to put into action and there will also be an ongoing annual £31,000 cost to cover enforcement, operating and maintenance costs.

Charges will range from 30p for up to one hour to £1.95 for six or more hours.

And there will be free parking after 3pm.

Full details of the proposals can be examined during normal office hours at WLDC’s offices at Guildhall, Marshalls Yard, Gainsborough.

If you wish to object to the proposal you can complete an online form on the WLDC website at

You can lodge your objection in person at the Market Rasen or Gainsborough WLDC offices. Alternatively, you can raise objections by phone on 01427 676676.

Parking charges breakdown

Charges will be the same at all three car parks.

Parking charges will be enforced Monday to Saturday from 8am until 3pm.

The proposed charges are as follows:

0-1 hour – £0.30

1-2 hours – £0.50

2-3 hours – £0.80

3-4 hours - £1.00

4-6 hours - £1.70

6+ hours - £2.00

An annual season ticket for Monday to Saturday costs from £92.02 (depending on payment method).

A season ticket for Monday to Friday costs from £74.62.