Dad has heart attack... then completes 133-mile bike ride

Don Stark EMN-150623-083544001
Don Stark EMN-150623-083544001

A father of two has completed a grueling 133-mile charity cycle ride from Whitehaven to Sunderland despite suffering a heart attack just 40 miles in.

Incredibly Don Stark even cycled through the grounds of a hospital having just had a heart attack - he had a tight chest and was a bit short of breath but put it down to a possible 

And now Don, who is in hospital and facing a triple heart bypass, is more concerned about how a charity he supports will get its funding as he has been forced to cancel two planned bike 

Don, who is 59 and from North Kelsey, has raised £30,000 in the past three years for Way of Hope - a Christian charity which helps orphans in Hungary and 

He said: “My eyes really wanted to close and I had to fight to keep them open.

“People were very concerned for me but I was determined to finish so I agreed to go to see the doctor on Monday.”

The doctor checked Don’s heart and told him he had to go straight to hospital.

Don said: “The arteries in my heart were 70 per cent blocked, which would explain why I’ve struggled to increase my fitness despite all the cycling I 

Don fears Way of Hope will lose out on up to £12,000 in funding because he cannot go ahead with his charity 

He said: “The charity does such good work.

“I’ve seen first hand what a difference it makes to the children’s lives.

“I’m their main fundraiser, they rely on my cycle 

To make a donation and help Don reach his target for the year, visit