Couple making maths magical for children in Lincolnshire win national recognition

Grahame and Tracy Cooke as Professor Poopenshtinken. EMN-160818-173504001
Grahame and Tracy Cooke as Professor Poopenshtinken. EMN-160818-173504001

A couple working to make mathematics magical for children in Lincolnshire have won national recognition.

Grahame and Tracy Cooke, from Great Hale, have been named most promising franchisees for 2016 by the educational company, Professor Poopenshtinken’s Magical Maths.

They collected the honour at the end of last month at the franchise’s annual convention, held in Birmingham’s Hilton Hotel.

Professor Poopenshtinken’s Magical Maths – or just Magical Maths – is an after-school maths club for primary schoolchildren that aims to make the learning of maths fun and exciting.

The club, for example, sees dressed-up characters visit the school, with maths genius Professor Poopenshtinken among them.

Grahame, 63, and Tracy, 46, became franchisees for the company for Lincolnshire in February and began visiting schools in April.

After giving free assemblies to five pilot schools, they had more than 100 children sign up from nine clubs.

This early success looks set to continue into the next academic year, with bookings already in place at numerous schools in the area for September and October.

Speaking of his hopes for the next year, Grahame said: “In the next 12 months we have initial expectations of working with a select 50 schools and helping over 1,000 children to enjoy their maths more.

“It’s going to be a whirlwind year and hugely exciting for the lucky students who’ll get to experience the Magical Maths extravaganza for the first time.”

Of the programme, Grahame said: “Magical Maths is all about teaching primary curriculum mathematics in a way that absolutely engages and enthuses children.

“Magical Maths is incredibly passionate about helping children to develop their skills and build a brighter future, and we believe making learning fun is the absolute best way to achieve that.”

Grahame and Tracy both left their jobs on the same day in May of this year to pursue their new venture.

Grahame had been working at RAF Cranwell, while Tracy had been a teacher at Helpringham Primary School.

Making the move was a huge decision, said Grahame, but was “something we believed in and just wanted to do”.

“The satisfaction of seeing such happy children and parents has been well worth it and I love being Professor Poopenshtinken,” he said.

If any parents or teachers would like Magical Maths to visit their school, they can call Grahame or Tracy on 01529 297150 or visit