Container in Rasen’s Serpentine St part of ‘much needed’ work

Serpentine Street  EMN-170927-154225001
Serpentine Street EMN-170927-154225001

A Serpentine Street resident fears disruption as a container was placed outside his home last Monday (September 25).

The Highways department has since confirmedthat the ‘much needed’ work is scheduled to be completed by October 9.

Mr Salisbury said: ‘A white container was placed on the road opposite our house which I believe
 is to do with the building work being done next to the social club.

“The noise is very loud and as I work nights I see myself not getting much rest.

“There was a 
planning permission notice attached to the fence of land, but no notice of when work was starting or that containers were going to be placed on the road.”

The local highways manager said: “We’re currently carrying out some much-needed repairs to the footways along Serpentine Street, and the container includes facilities for the staff.

“Although we sympathise with this gentleman, carrying out the works at night would disturb a far greater number of people and would be more expensive.

“The disruption will only be short-term and will be outweighed by
 the long-term benefits of the improvements.

“The works should be completed by 9 October. “