Concerns over dog fouling could lead to total ban on Caistor field

The lower sports field in Caistor EMN-170123-161437001
The lower sports field in Caistor EMN-170123-161437001

A Caistor man says he has been left disappointed by the town council’s attitude to dog walkers after a request for somewhere to exercise their pets was refused.

At last week’s council meeting, Clive Rudd, who is also a councillor, asked for a section of the lower sports field to be fenced off as a dedicated dog exercise area, where dogs could be let off their leads.

The request was refused, amid concerns of increased dog fouling on the field and in other areas of the town.

“There is no reason why a fence could not be put across the lower part of the small sports field adjacent,” said Mr Rudd.

“When one councillor suggested a three-month trial I thought it a good idea, until he said dogs must still be kept on a lead.

“The whole point is to find somewhere suitable for all where dogs can be let off their lead.”

Currently, dogs on leads are allowed on the field and councillors agreed to monitor the situation for three months.

However, the council also agreed that if the dog fouling situation on the field does not improve, they will ban dogs altogether.

Speaking after the meeting, town clerk Helen Pitman said: “We are not anti-dog as has been suggested, in fact a number of councillors are dog owners.

“The major reason four our actions is concerns over the health and safety of the residents of Caistor and users of the grounds.

“When there is dog fouling on a sports field where children, and adults, play there are health implications.

“We are aware that the majority of dog owners are responsible for their animals, but unfortunately there are some who are not - this includes allowing dogs off leads unsupervised in a public area, as well as not picking up dog excrement.

“Dog poo bags are available free of charge from Caistor Post Office and there are numerous dog bins for their disposal sited around the town.”

The council is now launching a campaign to combat dog fouling and are encouraging members of the public to report instances of irresponsible ownership to them.

To get one of the posters or to report an instance of dog fouling, contact the town clerk on 01472 851679 or email