Concerns for Rasen’s elderly residents living in the dark

Rasen residents have been without light.
Rasen residents have been without light.

A Market Rasen town councillor has raised concerns over vulnerable residents having to live without street lighting.

Speaking at a town council meeting last week, Coun Margaret Whitworth has claimed a streetlight on Gordon Field and two on Lammas Leas Road will not be repaired until March.

She said her concern was for ‘old people’ living in bungalows near to the faulty street lights which leave Lammas Leas Road in the dark.

She claimed the first complaint was lodged on November 17 of last year.

Coun Whitworth said: ‘The broken streetlight has been reported four or five times and it’s still not working.

“I rang the county council who told me it would be done by March.

“I was told there was only one repair vehicle for the district which is being used to install LED lights, and the streetlights that need repairing in town will have to wait until March.

“Usually when you report a streetlight it takes two or three weeks. It’s a very long while to wait until March.

“There are maybe other ones that are not on but it’s just that these are where the old people are.

“On Gordon Field, there is a lady who uses a taxi and the driver has to fetch a torch with him so he can light the footpath for her.”