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Church News EMN-190524-152630001
Church News EMN-190524-152630001

Services in the area from Sunday, September 29

6pm Harvest Thanksgiving Service at Sixhills.

Market Rasen Parish Church with Legsby, Linwood and Lissington

10am the Rev Johnson’s final service; Communion, followed by bring and share lunch at Market Rasen; 4pm Harvest Festival at Legsby.

September 30: 9am Morning Prayer at Market Rasen.

October 1: 9am Morning Prayer at Market Rasen.

October 2: 9am Morning Prayer at Market Rasen; 10am - 11.30am Mini Messy Church, Church Rooms.

October 3: 9.30am BCP Communion at Market Rasen.

October 4: 9am Morning Prayer at Market Rasen.

Market Rasen Catholic Church

9.15am Mass at Caistor; 11am Mass at Holy Rood.

Weekly: Monday noon Mass at Holy Rood; Tuesday - Thursday 10am Mass at Holy Rood; Friday 6pm Mass at Caistor; Saturday 5pm Vigil Mass at Hainton.

Details: 01673 842323 or visit

Market Rasen and Caistor

Methodist Circuit

6pm Circuit Service at Gainsborough.

Brookenby: 10.45am CofE-led service.

Caistor: 10.15am Prayer and Praise; 4.30pm Express.

Market Rasen: 10.45am the Rev Sarah Parkin.

Middle Rasen: 10.45am Dennis Lockwood.

Nettleton: 2.30pm Harvest Festival, Peter Cook.

North Kelsey: 10.45am Peter Atkinson.

Market Rasen New Life

10.30am Celebration and Teaching with guest speaker Alan Hoare at New Life Church Centre, Serpentine Street. Coffee from 10am. All welcome, including children. Info: 01673 849941

Salvation Army

9.45am Prayer meeting; 10.30am Morning Worship at Market Rasen centre, John Street. Refreshments afterwards. Details: 01673 842859.

Middle Rasen Group

10.30am United Communion Service at Newton; 6pm Evening Prayer at Buslingthorpe.

October 2: 10am Service at Middle Rasen.

Walesby Group.

9am BCP Communion at Claxby; 10.45am Communion at Walesby; 10.45am Morning Praise at Tealby; 10.45am Family Communion at Brookenby; 3pm Harvest Festival at Claxby; 6pm Evening Prayer at Kirmond.

October 2: 10am BCP Communion at Tealby.

October 3: 10am Communion at Brookenby.

October 4: 6.30pm Harvest Festival and Supper at Walesby.

October 5: 5pm Harvest Festival at Brookenby.

Caistor Group

8am Communion at Caistor: 10.15am Parish Eucharist at Caistor.

October 3: 7pm Communion at Caistor.

Barkwith Group

6pm Deanery Harvest Service at Sixhills.

Woldmoor-Kelsey Group

10am Group Communion and Harvest Festival at North Kelsey.

Binbrook Group

10am Parish Mass at Binbrook.

Springs Church, Caistor

10.30am at The Rock Foundation. Details: 07503 204443.

Orthodox Church