Christmas message from Caistor Mayor

Caistor Mayor, Jon Wright
Caistor Mayor, Jon Wright

It has been an honour and privilege to represent Caistor as Mayor thus far.

To be part of this magnificent town is something special; the community spirit really does pull together, which in turn gets things done!

Mayor of Caistor Jon Wright with his children Felix and Ava

Mayor of Caistor Jon Wright with his children Felix and Ava

I would like to extend special thanks to the groups involved in all the various projects; without them, quite frankly, much would not be possible - we are lucky to have them.

Firstly, Caistor and District Lions - after the amazing spectacle of the bonfire and fireworks night, their help in making the Market Place look as festive as ever is a great achievement.

Our local companies - Timmins Engineering and Hansards Haulage - spent many hours with the equipment needed to position the tree and lights, we salute you!

Also whilst I am touching on the Market Place, it has to be mentioned the part that Caistor in Bloom has played.

What a stunning impact the vibrant hanging baskets and planters made during spring and summer, what a compliment to the town.

Public support has been great for the various street/town hall markets and festivals; Caistor Goes doing their upmost as always in regard for support and organisation towards these events.

The Caistor Cares group has been essential in keeping people in touch with one another, especially during this winter time, and it continues to go from strength to strength.

Many thanks to all the other individuals and unsung heroes that have chipped in also, every bit helps and this effort is the foundation to the success that Caistor achieves.

This next year, Caistor Town Council is looking to make large strides in the development of 2-4 Market Place, along with the old Acis site in Mill Lane, and to revise our Neighbourhood Plan

The council is working hard in making these projects a success, and always has Caistor’s best interests at heart.

Merry Christmas one and all and the very best for 2020.

Jon Wright

Mayor of Caistor