Celebrating school food

Mandy Gould - a catering experience to remember. EMN-150201-092336001
Mandy Gould - a catering experience to remember. EMN-150201-092336001

Caistor Grammar School catering officer Mandy Gould has been to the prestigious North Lincolnshire Winteringham Fields Restaurant to demonstrate her cooking expertise as part of a celebration of cooking in schools and colleges.

“I was invited to work in the kitchen over the lunch period, to prepare a meal for diners,” she said. “I chose a butchery, making venison sausages and then filleting salmon; you have to get everything spot on there and I really enjoyed the whole experience.”

And her talk went down well too.

“We need to get the message across school dinners are about quality cooking of quality food and not about stodge,” she added.

The Lead Association for Catering in Education (LACA), Louise Hughes, set up a National School Meals week to publicise the profession and the excellent quality of meals produced by school caterers and use their ability to perform in high end venues.

She set up the opportunity for Mrs Gould, from Brigg, to go to the restaurant to make people aware of the quality of school meals.

Winteringham Fields is recognised as one of the premier caterers in the North of the UK for private functions, both at the restaurant and for outside catering.