CCTV working well to help in crime fight

Brigg news EMN-140810-083954001
Brigg news EMN-140810-083954001

Brigg’s CCTV system is working well and capable of picking up offenders following town centre incidents.

The monthly meeting of Brigg Town Council saw a member of the public ask whether it had picked up a recent incident in Wrawby Street, believed to be where a man sustained severe cuts after his arm went through a pub window.

Clerk Jeanette Woollard told members she understood the incident was on camera.

It was also pointed out the CCTV system had recently been upgraded.

Deputy Mayor James Truepenny said: “This is a North Lincolnshire facility and I was one of several councillors who went to view the system and there was a very positive response from those of us who went to look at it operating.”

And North Lincolnshire Councillor Carl Sherwood gave assurances the system files are checked regularly.

Coun Mike Campion added he understood there had been several serious break ins in the town recently to shops in Wrawby Street.

The clerk confirmed the town council had been supplied with information on these from the CCTV system.

North Lincolnshire Councillor Rob Waltham added: “The system is processing information all the time.

“Although the intelligence provided is very positive for the CCTV system, sadly it does not stop people committing criminal activity. But we do have the best CCTV that money can buy.”

Council accepted the system was working perfectly satisfactorily but it would be continued to be monitored.