CCTV to be installed at Rasen’s new skate park


CCTV is being installed in Market Rasen’s new £85k skate park in a bid to clamp down on anti social behaviour from a ‘minority of youngsters’, says the town’s Deputy Mayor Steve Bunney.

Speaking at this month’s town council meeting, Coun Bunney said he had received complaints from several members of the public concerned about anti social behaviour.



Coun Bunney later told the Rasen Mail: “Most of the young people using the skate park are doing so very responsibly.

“Indeed when I, and other adults, have visited there have been a number of occasions when the older teenagers have been helping younger ones out.

“It has been a pleasure to see. Indeed on Saturday, a 12-year-old boy slipped on one of the ramps and lay still on the floor.

“Immediately all the others present stopped what they were doing and went to check that he was OK. Luckily he was.

“Against this, a small minority of youngsters have let the others down.

“There are two groups: Older ones who have been drinking etc. in the park, shrieking and generally misbehaving – mainly in the evening and nights.

“Some of these have been on motor bikes.

“They have thrown bottles into the gardens and broke a window in a property.

“These have been older teenagers. These people are not necessarily associated with the skate park.

“The residents have called the police on a number of occasions.”

Coun Bunney went on to say that in August, there had been a fight in the park involving older teenagers.

He said the he understood that particularly matter had been ‘resolved and not repeated’.

He added: “There is a need for the council and community to introduce measures to ensure good behaviour.

“To help monitor and hopefully prevent this, CCTV is being installed in the park.

“The equipment has been purchased. We are waiting for WLDC to carry out the installation.

“The town council is also looking into the bye laws – which when displayed will give the police greater powers to enforce behaviour.”

Coun Bunney also raised concerns about ‘another group of lads’ who were riding bikes and scooters around the town.

He said: “They are aged between 10 and 12 I think.

“They frequently play on the pavements and even on the road in front of cars.

“They frequently mess around outside the primary school and doctors surgery and have no regard for the traffic.

“A number of residents and drivers are concerned for the safety of these young people and the drivers.

“They have also been seen messing around in John Street and on the Main Street.”

Community Inspector Nigel Key, of Lincolnshire Police, urged residents to report any incidents of ASB.

He said: “We take all forms of anti-social behaviour seriously. If anyone does have any concerns, please contact your local neighbourhood policing teams on 101, or via your local police station, and we will take appropriate action.”