Candlelit Carols at Walesby helping fund essential work

Walesby Church EMN-190312-115718001
Walesby Church EMN-190312-115718001

One of the area’s most outstanding churches has undergone major work to help preserve it for the future.

Walesby All Saints is know n as The Ramblers Church and sits on the Viking Way above the village.

Walesby All Saints Candlellit Carol Service EMN-190312-121251001

Walesby All Saints Candlellit Carol Service EMN-190312-121251001

The church only holds a few services every year and one of them is the annual Candlelit Carols which is always so popular, there is standing room only.

It is cared for by the Friends of the Old Church Walesby, a registered charity, who have funded the work.

Friends chairman, Peter Braithwaite said: “A major project to install new land drains at the church has recently been completed.

“As some people may know, parts of the church date back to Norman times and that was long before buildings had damp proof courses.

Walesby Church EMN-190312-115729001

Walesby Church EMN-190312-115729001

“This means there is nothing to stop damp seeping into and up the walls from the surrounding ground and patches of damp are clearly visible on the internal walls.”

Mr Braithwaite continued: “Some years ago, a concrete apron was laid around the external walls to try to stop rain getting to the base of the walls.

“However, over the years this cracked, not only allowing rain to seep through but also the presence of the apron was actually inhibiting the evaporation of such ground water to the atmosphere.

“Therefore all of the apron has now been removed and replaced with a system of French drains, which will allow water to drain away from the walls to new soakaways situated some distance from the church.”

The excavations for the new drains were done under the supervision of an archaeologist and an important discovery was made.

Mr Braithwaite said: “Two large stones were discovered with Saxon carvings which marked the graves of important chieftains from that era.

“These have been removed and stored securely pending a decision about where they will eventually be displayed.”

The cost of the work, including the archaeologist’s and other fees, was more than £11,500, which was slightly over budget.

The annual carol service is an important event to the Friends to help raise awareness of the church and the work being done to preserve it.

Mr Braithwaite continued: “The Carol Service is important not just as it marks the start of the Christmas season, but also as the collection will assist in funding future essential maintenance.

“The Friends therefore look forward to welcoming as many people as possible to the service.”

This year’s service will be held on Saturday, December 14, starting at 7pm.

Music will again be provided by the Gainsborough Citadel Salvation Army Band and the Da Capo Folk Group.

As always, coffee, mulled wine and mince pies will be served afterwards.

The church is accessed from the village via a single track.

Parking is at the bottom of the hill in the main village.

Mr Braithwaite added: “In view of all the recent rain, strong boots with a solid grip are definitely advisable, together with a good torch.

“The Friends would like to thank Duckworths for again agreeing to provide transport to the church for the musicians and their instruments etc. Without this assistance the service could not take place.”