‘Can we get the train done?’ - MP calls for direct London rail links

Market Rasen railway station
Market Rasen railway station

We have all heard about the government’s plan to ‘get Brexit done’, but now Sir Edward Leigh is calling on MPs to ‘get the train done’.

The town’s MP has asked for a direct rail link from Market Rasen to London as part of a series of projects ‘to help the north of England’.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Sir Edward said: “My Honorable Friend for Cleethorpes, and myself, have been campaigning for years for a through train from Grimsby via Market Rasen to London.

“This is a catchment area of over, or up to, a quarter of a million people with no through train.

“The government wants to introduce projects to help the North of England.

“They own the LNER.

“Can we get the train done?”

Responding to Sir Edward, Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg said he could not promise anything but that the train plan did fit in with what the government is ‘trying to do’.

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “I thank my Rt Honorable friend [Sir Edward] for his appeal for a through train and his appeal that the government is trying to improve infrastructure in the north of England.

“His appeal will be heard and I shall make sure it is passed on to the Secretary of State, and I know that what he is calling for fits in with the thrust of what the government is trying to do, but that is not a promise.”

The prospect of a direct Rasen to London train has been met with mixed reviews from residents.

Some think it should be Sir Edward’s number one priority, while others believe there are more pressing issues to tackle.

Christopher Bowen said: “It would be a great benefit to the whole county and would bring investment, infrastructure... should be his number one priority, everything else will follow.”

But Stephen Weatherall said: “We don’t need a direct train service to London (we can change at Newark or Lincoln), what we need is a regular hourly service, more than one carriage and a service that runs all year on a Sunday like any other modern town in the UK.”