Calls for speed watch scheme to be extended beyond Rasen

Speeding drivers will be targeted
Speeding drivers will be targeted

The news of launching a community speed watch in Market Rasen has been welcomed by the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership 
(LRSP) - but residents are now calling for similar schemes to be launched in the surrounding area.

Commenting on the Market Rasen Mail’s Facebook page, Jan Stuart said: “They can come to Ludford.

“It’s unbelievable how fast some people drive through the village.”

Charlene Barnes added: “We need it in the villages too.”

Mandy Clare Butler said: “We need it through West Rasen too, especially with bike night on Wednesday.

“Its a nightmare with the bends as a lot of riders - not all but yes most - treat it like a race track.”

Nigel Williets added: “We could do with this at Wragby.

“The number of vehicles that speed on the Lincoln Road alone is ridiculous, not to mention the other roads.”

The Market Rasen Mail contacted the LRSP for a 
comment on the success of community speed watch schemes - and how they can help address speeding 
problems locally.

John Siddle said: “The issue with some motorcyclists in the Rasen area is well known to us.

“We are pleased Market Rasen are looking at taking on community speed watch (CSW) in their area.

“CSW has been a real 
benefit to many communities in Lincolnshire.

“Whilst CSW has been running for over 5 years the phase three (members of the community actively taking speed readings) was officially launched in September 2018.

“Since Sept 1, 2018, to 
Friday, July 19, we have issued 3,594 letters (1st offence); 158 drivers have had a second
letter (2nd offence); 13 drivers have had a visit from a police officer to discuss the 
‘manner’ of their driving after being caught for a third time in Lincolnshire.”

Similar speed watch schemes have already been launched in the Rasen area - with a scheme already in 
action in Caistor.

Commenting on Facebook, Steven Maxson explained: “The Caistor 
community speed watch is up and running, having been in action last week, for the first time.”

As previously reported,
 local residents are encouraged to volunteer to help with the CSW in Rasen in an effort to stop speeding drivers.

Market Rasen Town Council made the decision to launch the scheme after a meeting with Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department.

Councillor Stephen 
Bunney told the Market Rasen Mail: “I have been in touch with the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership about their community speed watch schemes.

“We are due to meet after the holdiay period to discuss further.

“There is no reason why the scheme can not be extended to other areas as well.

“What I do know is that volunteers need to work in groups of three - so a good base of people is required.”

• If you are interested in supporting the community speed watch in Market Rasen, email or call 01673 842479.