Calls for airshow to give area a big boost

Red Arrows at this year's Lincolnshire Show EMN-150610-101520001
Red Arrows at this year's Lincolnshire Show EMN-150610-101520001

The leader of West Linsdey District Council has said the area would see a “real boon” if the axed Waddington airshow could be moved to RAF Scampton.

The RAF has announced its annual airshow, attracting thousands of visitors, will no longer be held at Waddington due to increased ‘security threats’ – reaper drones are remotely piloted from the site and there have been numerous protests.

WLDC leader Jeff Summers said: “I’m all in favour of it coming to Scampton.

“I’m in favour because it’ll bring a significant amount of economic development across West Lindsey in 

“We’ve made it known we’re interested in hosting 

“It’s an absolutely perfect venue.

“Whenever you get a large event like this, within a 20-mile radius there’s a definite increase in business for hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and 

“I feel it would be a real boon for the district if we could get it secured.

“If the airshow is retained around this area, think about how many people come and could spend the week in Lincolnshire and make a whole week’s holiday out of 

The Waddington International Airshow was mothballed this year as £35million worth of runway maintenance took 

It had been due to return in 2016.

A statement from the RAF said: “The RAF appreciates that the cancellation of the airshow at RAF Waddington will be a disappointment to many.

“However it is hoped that the intent to establish an alternative airshow at RAF Scampton is evidence of the RAF’s commitment to maintain its traditional and modern links to ‘Bomber County’.”

But the RAF has said this would not be possible until 2017, at the earliest.

RAF Scampton is home to the Red Arrows and about 10 miles away from RAF Waddington.

The annual Waddington airshow has been held since 1995, and attracts more than 100,000 visitors.

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