Call to curb pavement parking in Market Rasen

Would more enforcement officer cracking down on curb parking in Market Rasen help traffic flow in Queen Street?
Would more enforcement officer cracking down on curb parking in Market Rasen help traffic flow in Queen Street?

Town and district councillor Ken Bridger is calling on the County Council to step up its parking patrols in Market Rasen to help curb pavement parking abuse in the town.

Coun Bridger said he has received complaints of delivery trucks parking outside the Advocate Arms Hotel, which as they load an unload, leads to traffic building up as far as Willingham Road.

Problems were notably bad one day, he said, when a tractor tried to drive around the lorry delivering beer to the hotel. Delivery drivers have been quizzed about the issue but they say there is no alternative for them but to deliver from the street.

Coun Bridger said the hotel used to have a car park but it was built on some years ago. But who gave the planning permission for this? West Lindsey District Council, the council that Coun Bridger sits on.

“It’s a joke. It’s a Laurel and Hardy situation,” he said.

Coun Bridger is to complain to the county council about parking along the restricted high street.

“We also need a meeting to discuss it and see if we can resolve the loading and unloading issue,” he said.

Market Rasen Town Council has long complained about parking problems in high street, especially customers parking outside fast food outlets.

“It’s a free-for-all,” Coun Bridger added.

Darren Lince, owner of the Advocate Arms, said this was the first he had heard of any complaints concerning deliveries outside his hotel.

“Most of our deliveries go down John Street and deliver to the rear of The Advocate, you can imagine taking any stock through the revolving doors.

“We have one “beer” delivery per week that has to stop on Queen Street as the cellar entrance is on Queen Street, but this is for 10 minutes per week. This vehicle is too large to go down John Street, and I cannot see any obvious alternative,” he said.

Steve Wiles, LCC area highways manager said: “Lincolnshire County Council recently reviewed the parking on the High Street in Market Rasen and provided a loading bay area on both sides of the road, to enable local businesses in the vicinity of the George Street junction to unload their deliveries. This is a particularly busy road – the A631 is the main A road for east/west traffic.

“Businesses do need to use these designated loading bays, if they do not then parking enforcement will be considered in an attempt to minimise any congestion on the A631.

“This situation will be monitored by LCC’s parking enforcement officers, and if there is a persistent issue of illegal parking on the restricted sections, then this will be targeted.”