Caistor twinners grow in number

Caistor's twinning growing
Caistor's twinning growing

Several new members went along to the already well-attended annual general meeting for the Caistor Twinning Association to express their interest in joining the Association’s growing numbers of more recent and long-standing ‘twinners’.

The group’s events are open to anyone of any age and include a varied range of activities such as a safari lunch, treasure hunt, mystery wine-tasting, dinner and dance, casino night and other friendly social gatherings.

This year, it will be Caistor’s turn to host their French visitors in October and the current conversation classes at the Heritage Centre will hopefully offer a chance to impress with new-found foreign language skills, however this is not a requirement for participation in any Twinning function.

Anyone interested in attending any of the group’s social events or finding out more should contact the secretary on 01472 852083.