Caistor residents rally to help post office

Caistor Post Office
Caistor Post Office

Nearly £1,000 raised in two days after business hit by £1,700 fraud

A crowdfunding page set up to support Caistor Post Office in the wake of a reported £1,700 fraud has raised almost £1,000 in just two days.

The close-knit community has rallied around to help the ‘much-needed’ post office after two men reportedly scammed a cashier out of almost £1,700 on February 21.

Postmaster Martin Sizer had told residents the incident was going to put a ‘very severe strain’ on the business - and could result in a reduction in opening hours. Keen to help the post office remain open as normal, resident Karl Fenton came to the rescue with a Go Fund Me page. In just two, days 63 people helped to raise an incredible £920.

A statement from Caistor Post Office said: “I have just seen the amazing response to our [Facebook] post...and the amazing generosity of the people of Caistor to Karl Fenton’s Go Fund Me page.

“I would just like to say thank you to you all for your support both financially and in kindness to my family and staff at this distressing time.”

Mr Fenton said the post office was ‘much-needed’ and much-appreciated’ and described the incident as ‘disgraceful’.

He said: “Over £1,600 was taken and while efforts are being by the police to catch the culprits and retrieve the funds stolen, that still leaves the post office substantially out of pocket.

“I am sure between the many people in Caistor who enjoy regular use of the post office we can ensure that the post office can continue on its normal day-to-day business without having to cut any staff hours.”

Beth Tooby, who donated to the fund, said: “Caistor post office team deserve our support.

“Life is hard enough as a rural business without this sort of thing going on, they provide an invaluable service and shouldn’t have to fund this themselves.”

And Richard Dent said: “It’s heartbreaking that decent people, who are trying to earn an honest living, have to encounter a horrible event like this.”

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “This is a report of fraud.

“Two men have reportedly entered a premises on Market Place, Caistor, before attempting to scam workers. A sum of money has been taken. Enquiries are ongoing.”

Anyone who has information should call Lincolnshire Police on 101 and quote incident 287 of February 21.

To make a donation visit and search for ‘Caistor post office’.