Caistor photographer leaves life behind lens

The Rasen Mail's Caistor photographer, Linda Oxley, who has retired after 17 'snappy' years
The Rasen Mail's Caistor photographer, Linda Oxley, who has retired after 17 'snappy' years

After more than 15 years behind the camera, the Rasen Mail’s Caistor photographer has retired.

Linda Oxley has been snapping special events in Caistor and the surrounding area for the past 17 years and says she has enjoyed every minute of it.

“I just love people,” said Linda, who celebrates her 76th birthday today (Wednesday).

“I have really enjoyed doing the pictures, especially going into the schools.

“I have seen a lot of the children grow up - from primary school right up to taking their pictures at the GCSE and A-level days, which I often found quite emotional.

“I will miss it all dreadfully, but now is the time to retire.”

It was back in 2000 when Linda answered an advert looking for someone to take pictures for the Rasen Mail in the Caistor area.

Linda said: “I have had a camera since I was 15 and have always loved taking photographs.

“My son-in-law encouraged me to apply for the role and I was delighted - and very surprised - when the editor at the time, Charles Ladbrook, took me on.

“I can’t believe how the years have flown by.

“I have learnt a lot over the years - the biggest thing changing from film to digital, which I was eventually persuaded to do.

“It got very busy sometimes, but I did it because I enjoyed it - I really have loved every minute.”

Over the years Linda has been to many town events and will still be around supporting husband Bob with Caistor Lions activities and as part of Caistor Cares - only without a camera round her neck.

On behalf of the Rasen Mail, content editor, John Fieldhouse thanked Linda for her work over the years and wished her a long and happy retirement.

He said: “Linda has done sterling work over the years covering events and we thank her for all she has done.

“Coverage and promotion of Caistor events will continue in the Rasen Mail, and we would ask people to contact reporter Dianne Tuckett by email - or call her on 07803 505588.”