Caistor: ‘Our schools and GPs are at breaking point’

  • Council raises concerns over housing development proposal

Caistor Town Council has objected to a proposed development of 69 new homes saying access to the site is ‘dangerous’ and health care and education are already at ‘breaking point’.

Applicants Richard Marriott and Robert Oxley, who are both from Caistor, have applied to West Lindsey District Council for planning permission to build 69 homes on a greenfield site, off the town’s Brigg Road.

Caistor EMN-160418-143844001

Caistor EMN-160418-143844001

Many residents objected to the plans because the site is next to Waterhills - a green space of local significance.

The town council held a special meeting to discuss the proposal and has since written a 580-word submission to the district council raising a raft of concerns.

The submission states: “Access to the site is dangerous. There is access to the Caistor Sports & Social Club almost opposite the proposed site and additional access off Brigg Road into Keyworth Drive has previously been refused.

“Since the traffic survey was undertaken in 2014 there is additional traffic with the opening of Caistor Lakes, Wolds View Caravan Park and permission for all year round residency at Wolds Retreat. Council is concerned that a survey in the winter months is not a true reflection on vehicle numbers.

“Also 69 additional dwellings proposed is likely to increase vehicle movement in that area by a minimum of 150 vehicle movements per day.”

In a statement on health and education, the council raised ‘major’ concerns.

The submission stated: “Council is concerned that both are already at breaking point and need to be addressed.

“Council has major concerns regarding the submission by NHS England that it will not be requesting a contribution from the developer.

“The town needs a new health centre, a dentist and increased school provision.”

The council also raised concerns over the power supply being unable to cope with additional housing.

And members are fearful over whether there would be enough fresh water to supply more homes.

In a statement on environmental issues, the council said: “Council has major concerns regarding the ability of the sewage system to cope with more housing as it is unable to cope at present.”

The council said drainage was ‘inadequate’ and it raised health and safety concerns over the proximity of garages to the electricity substation, saying ‘these could assist intrusion into the substation area’.

The planning application says the proposed site does not provide ‘any significant open space benefits to the 

And it also states that ‘the town is well located to provide additional housing to respond to the growth on the Humber Bank’.

If given the go-ahead by WLDC, the applicants would look to extend the town’s 30mph speed limit out further along Brigg Road.

to improve safety.