Caistor meeting to oppose wind turbine


A public meeting is to be held on Tuesday in Caistor to organise opposition to a planned wind turbine at Moor Farm.

The move follows EDP, a York-based consultancy company, appealing against West Lindsey District Council’s refusal of the 102 metre turbine.

“Local residents have a great concern the company has put in an appeal for the wind turbine at the edge of Caistor. We thought we put this to bed but obviously we haven’t,” said district councillor Angela Lawrence.

“It would be an inappropriate development to site it in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It’s just wrong,” continued the Caistor councillor, who has just been elected chairman of the district council.

The meeting at Caistor Town Hall will include Melvin Grosvenor of the Marsh Wind Farm Action Group. he will advise on how to prepare an action plan to help residents oppose the plans.

Resident must submit their letters, information and objections by June 4.

Coun Lawrence says it is hoped the election of a Conservative government, in place of a coalition, will make it harder for wind turbines to gain approval, but this project is already in the pipeline under existing law.

“Hopefully, legislation (currently) not in place will come along that will help us,” she added.