Caistor mayor condemns ‘disgusting’ abuse of pothole repair crew

Mayor Alan Somerscales.
Mayor Alan Somerscales.

Lincolnshire Police have issued an appeal to the public after workers carrying out much-needed pothole repairs in Caistor were spat at, threatened with violence and put at risk with unsafe driving.

Caistor Mayor Alan Somerscales has condemned the behaviour as ‘disgusting’ and said the work in North Kelsey Road has ‘got to be done’.

In a post on the Caistor Police Facebook page, officers said: “While resurfacing North Kelsey Road, workers have been subjected to driving that puts their safety at risk, threats to punch them in the face and on Saturday a female driver spat at them.

“Perhaps some drivers just prefer potholes.”

The police then used the hashtags ‘remember your manners’ ‘for our benefit’ and ‘safety first’.

Coun Somerscales has since apologised to the workers on behalf of the town.

He said: “I find it quite staggering. It’s unbelievable that people can adopt these attitudes.

“I’d like to think it was possibly not a local. As a local, I’m sick to death of dodging potholes as much as anyone else.

“We all know things have got to be done.

“It’s certainly been inconvenient to me but I didn’t do anything like that.

“I find it quite disgusting that people can be that inconsiderate to others, especially the lads trying to do their job as quickly as they can.

“I’d like to apologise on behalf of all the people of Caistor and thank them very much because they’ve done a good job.”

He added: “And by the way there are other streets that want doing as well - we all know how annoying potholes are.”

Responding to the police post on Facebook, Sam Marriott said: “Revolting behaviour. I would be willing to put money on them being the same people who complain about the state of the roads.

“They have done a great job right down Kelsey Road to the Moor which, on a 60 mph road, was an accident waiting to happen.”

Sue Raven said: “It’s disgusting if people behave like this.”

Emma Lynskey added: “Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Hope they took registration numbers.

“No one should be subjected to abuse because of their job.”

Helen Flunder said she spoke to one of the road crew who said one man had been badly affected.

She added: “I told him most people appreciate and understand they’re just doing their job, and he said ‘it’s nice to get some pleasant feedback’.”