Caistor charity praises ‘local heroes’ after theft

'Local heroes' at work
'Local heroes' at work

A Caistor charity has been overwhelmed by the support shown following a devastating theft

Rock Foundation’s Caistor Centre, based in the former Fleece Inn on Grimsby Road, has been open since September 2017.

Known for its tearoom, offering stunning views and tasty treats, Rock’s real purpose is to give people with learning disabilities better chances in life, with a range of supported workshops already in action, and a non-profit support living service due to open later this year.

A large part of the charity’s work focuses on training members in grounds-keeping and basic horticulture on the stunning ten-and-a-half acre estate, giving them the opportunity to learn new work skills and improve their employability.

However, this work was dealt a significant blow when their tractor and equipment was stolen.

Deputy manager Matt Wooffindin said: “The theft was a crushing blow to our members who love using the tractor to complete projects and keep the land in top condition.

“For many it is the closest they’ll come to driving on the road and it’s a wonderfully freeing experience for them.

“It’s not simply equipment that has been stolen, but experiences and opportunities for some of the most beautiful people you could ever meet.”

Help, however, was on its way in the form of Alistair and Nicole from A.J Williams Paddock and Grounds Maintenance, who offered straight away to help look after the land while the Foundation waits for replacement equipment, finding time in their busy schedule to offer their services free of charge.

Matt said: “They’re true local heroes and some of the most genuine people I’ve met.

“It is the busiest time of year and they are giving freely of their own time, equipment and diesel to help us out.

“It’s restored our faith in humanity. “

When approached for comment, Alistair of A.J Williams simply responded: “Just glad to be able to help really.

“Something wrong if you can’t support your local community.”