Bus company making plans to serve Rasen markets


North Kelsey-based J.R Dent Coaches is preparing plans for a regular bus services from neighbouring villages to serve the markets of Market Rasen.

The family-run business, which has operated for 50 years, met with the Town Market Partnership, which replaced MR BIG, to raise the possibility of a service on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Town councillor Steve Bunney describes the prospect as a “work in progress”.

“We like the idea,” he continued, but the service might need a subsidy and partnership and the town council does not have much money.

Funding might also have to be sought from other sources, such as West Lindsey District Council and various government-funded community initiatives.

Business partner Linda Horstwood confirmed her bus company has approached the Town Market Partnership about the possibility of running a service.

“They (the partnership) are wanting more information from us. We are looking at possible routes. We are also going to see if there’s the possibility of funding. It’s very early stages,” she said.

Setting up a bus service is also a lengthy process, with having an application before the Traffic Commissioners taking 56 days alone.

“We are working on routes this morning. We have said we need x amount to cover our costs,” Mrs Hortswood said.