Bric-a-brac ‘put the market back in Rasen’

Shoppers out and about in the Market Place for the Bric-a-brac event.
Shoppers out and about in the Market Place for the Bric-a-brac event.

Ecstatic residents are calling for regular bric-a-brac markets after the success of Market Rasen Town Council’s event last month.

The Market Place was packed with stalls and shoppers on Saturday June 24, where many stall holders were local individuals selling second hand or unwanted items.

Although some have said they had not been aware the market was happening, many planned to go or stumbled across it and were delighted with what they found.

Writing on our Facebook page, Fiona Marris said: “We had a stall and it was a fab day.

“It felt like all the town came out and there was a real sense of community.

“The charities for the skate park, the church and the Lions all made money and I’m sure it must’ve fed the businesses around it too.

“Lots of people told me that they would’ve had a stall if they had known about it.

“I think monthly or even bi-monthly would be brilliant for the town.”

Others wanted to see the market back more regularly in future - and were keen to hold stalls of their own.

Judy Greenbeck said: “Should be once a month - would be good for the town.

“I might even do a stall myself.”

Graham Turner said: “Put the Market back in Market Rasen!

“We had stall - it was really good, lots of local people and good atmosphere .

“Well done to the organisers - A+!”

Deputy mayor Stephen Bunney said: “The bric-a-brac market was a huge success.

“Attendance was very good.

“All stall holders reported that they were selling their items and making money.

“Locals said it was like the old days - the market place full of people chatting away and linking together.

“Many people have been expressing a wish for similar events in the future. The next Saturday event in the Market Place will be the market and Open Gardens on Saturday August 5th , organised by the Rotary Club.”

“We will strive to spread the word further in future.”