Book of Rasen childhood remembered

Small Town Big Heart, by Janet Booth Staves EMN-170417-101855001
Small Town Big Heart, by Janet Booth Staves EMN-170417-101855001
  • Janet’s jottings bring back memories

A former Rasen resident has turned author to capture her childhood memories of the town.

Janet Booth Staves was compelled to put her memories to paper after joined a Facebook site.

She said: “I became a member of Market Rasen memories and was inspired as so much came flooding back.

“I set to on my laptop and by October 2015 it was complete.

“The family liked it and I sent a copy to Peter Spilman (administrator of Market Rasen Memories) and he liked it too.”

Janet made the decision to go to print, with a collection of relevant photos, and in February 2017 Small Town Big Heart was published.

The 18-page booklet tells of Janet’s wartime childhood, her time at the Pasture Lane and Secondary Modern Schools, her work at JH Starbucks and some of the town’s characters.

She recalls too ‘the circus down Jameson Bridge Street, the fair ground in the market place, a bus full of young Scots pipers and dancers also in the market place’, among many other events.

Janet, who now lives in Sleaford, will be attending the Market Rasen Modern School reunion in August and will have a small number of copies of the book with her for sale.

“This wonderful book depicts how life was so different to growing up now ,” said Anita Goodyear, the main organiser of the reunion.

“I have read the book and it took me back in time and it left me wanting to hear more.”

Contact Anita through the reunion Facebook page to order a copy for collection at the Reunion.

Alternatively, contact dpsdigital on 01529 300452 or