Bollard plans for Rasen market place

Market Rasen Market Place EMN-171014-213255001
Market Rasen Market Place EMN-171014-213255001

It’s bad news for motorists, but a boon to market days, as Market Rasen town council plans to install permanent bollards in the Market Place.

The plans - which are being considered to take pressure off caretaking staff who are tasked with keeping the space clear - could see two permanently coned off areas introduced in the Market Place using permanent bollards which could lock and unlock to allow access.

These would be permanently reserved for traders on the town’s market days - Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

However, while this is good news for staff, market traders and, according to the council, long term spending, the plans could see the loss of around 10 parking spaces in the Market Place.

Councillors also mentioned that approximately one cobble would have to be removed per bollard to put them in - but these would be retained and placed back should the bollards be removed once again.

Town Mayor Coun John Matthews said: “To have the caretaker on market days is costing us a large amount of money.

“It takes him time to cone off an area for market traders - and the public does not always acknowledge this - driving over them and parking in the reserved space.

“We suggest having two permanently coned off areas - steel bollards which could be collapsed - that we could use for occasional seating if we wanted to, or bicycle space and so forth.

“But still, they would be permanently free on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays so traders such as we have can be let in and let out again.

“This way we will not have the many hours a week our caretaker spends wasting his time trying to clear traffic from those spaces.”

Coun Stephen Bunney said the plan could mean around 10 lost car parking spaces at the Market Place - but was confident the number of lost spaces could be dimished to ‘as low as eight’.

He added: “There are lots of ways you could do it to maximise the designated space and minimise the impact on parking spaces.

“But the feeling we are getting is that the staff are finding it very difficult and very time consuming to keep the areas clear. It is hoped this idea would help reduce - not necessarily resolve - the pressure on them.”

The council had not looked into costings at the time of writing - but said bollards would be ‘roughly £90 each’ - plus time and materials needed to install them.

Have your say on the proposal...

•Market Rasen Town Council has said that introducing permanent bollards is a proposal, and not yet a definite.

•Councillors have also specified that there is room in their budget for this kind of development in the market place.

•The council have the facility to close off all the entrances by using removable locking bollards - but the only permanent ones currently are around the telephone box and town sign.

Tell the council your view on 01673 842479 or email townclerk or call in to the old police station during opening hours.