‘Big Brother’ is watching you in Rasen high street

CCTV is in place on Rasen's market place EMN-160808-160148001
CCTV is in place on Rasen's market place EMN-160808-160148001

Work to install a wireless, high definition CCTV system in Market Rasen is well underway, with some of the cameras already active.

West Lindsey District Council is working in partnership with Market Rasen Town Council to install state of the art HD CCTV cameras in and around the town.

Locations for the cameras are the railway station, John Street car park, Festival Hall car park, the Co-op car park and Post Office and at four 
locations along the town’s main street.

Leader of the council, Coun Jeff Summers said: “We consulted with residents last year and there was strong support for the use of CCTV to keep people and property safe.

“Residents also told us they wanted to have CCTV working in Market Rasen.

Some of the cameras are already up and running and the remainder are due to be in place by September, a bit behind the original planned schedule.

“The new system means we can provide better coverage and a higher quality of evidence,” added Coun Summers.

“By moving to wireless technology, the council has also reduced its operating costs, saving £20,000 a year on line rental connections.”

The West Lindsey authority is currently upgrading its CCTV provision across the district, which is costing in the region of £180,000.

The cameras will record footage 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And all CCTV operators will undergo training and vetting to use the CCTV cameras and keep people safe.

The new system will provide higher quality images to support identification of incidents and support prosecutions.

As part of the upgrade the council’s control centre is also being refurbished to make use of new technology.

Market Rasen Mayor Coun John Matthews has welcomed the CCTV coverage.

“This is an important and welcome development for the security and safety of the businesses and residents of our town,” said Coun Matthews.

The fact the CCTV cameras have now been introduced in central locations will also be welcomed by residents who were shocked by a serious assault which took place on the town’s Queen Street in June.

Speaking at the time, Coun Matthews said serious incidents of that nature in Market Rasen were rare and added statistics showed crime in the town was falling.

“Violent crime in Rasen is minimal,” he said.

“Certainly, the crime statistics put before the council indicate all crime is on the decrease and violent crime is certainly a rarity.

“We have had a spate of petty thefts in and around the town recently but on the whole the crime rate over the past 12 months has gone down.

“When the CCTV comes it will be a winner for the town.

“Regarding an incident like this (the assault), it would go from camera to camera and it would be possible to track the perpetrator.”

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