Batty time at Normanby by Spital Church today

St Peter's Church at Normanby by Spital EMN-190803-220000001
St Peter's Church at Normanby by Spital EMN-190803-220000001

British Science Week and The Churches Conservation Trust are bringing together wildlife, heritage and conservation to save bats and protect historic churches for future generations.

The UK’s bat population has suffered significant historical decline which is why they are protected by UK law.

Loss of natural habitats means some bat species have been forced to find safe havens in historic churches like St Peter’s at Normanby by Spital.

Today, Saturday March 10 from 4.30pm to 7.30pm there will be a free family event, where families can find out who’s roosting in St Peter’s church, alongside story-telling, seed planting, games, refreshments and more.

All this has been kindly funded by British Science Week

CCT Head of Region, North, Judith Patrick said: “We are delighted for the support from British Science Week and the bringing together of heritage, conservation and communities to work together to protect historic church buildings like St Peter’s.

“Protecting our natural and historical heritage will create a lasting legacy that will benefit present and future generations.”

St Peter’s dates back to 12th century with later medieval additions.

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