Appeal to help Bobtail

Bobtail EMN-160314-144725001
Bobtail EMN-160314-144725001

Osgodby-based Lincolnshire Trust For Cats has launched an appeal for donations to help a moggie called Bobtail.

Elderly Bobtail does not have anyone to pay his £850 one-off fee to stay at the trust’s unique cat retirement home.

So founder Jain Hills is calling on the public to dig deep and help out Bobtail - a stray cat that was taken to the trust in a trap with seven kittens.

So far the trust has raised £140 of the £850 needed for Bobtail to join the retirees.

Ms Hills said: “Hopefully she will get there before too long.”

To make a donation go to or call 01673 844628.