Adventure trip marks 20 years since pioneering transplant surgery for Rasen man

Peter Randall sporting the red and gold  hat he bought during an extended stop-off in Istanbul
Peter Randall sporting the red and gold hat he bought during an extended stop-off in Istanbul

A trip into the unknown is turning into an adventure of a lifetime for a Market Rasen man, who underwent a liver transplant as a baby.

Peter Randall set off on his epic voyage last month to travel 10,000 miles across Europe, Central Asia and finish in Ulan Ude, Russia, and all in the name of charity.

The adventure marks 20 years since Peter (21) underwent pioneering transplant surgery, received a lobe of his father’s liver after he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

Peter’s focus for the trip is raising as much money as he can for the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF).

“I am both very lucky and very thankful to be alive today,” said Peter.

“CLDF helped me and my family throughout the ordeal and I know they can help others.”

Along with his uncle Simon and friend Shaun, Peter is taking part in the Mongol Rally, which will see them visit 25 countries along the way.

Following one of the rules - the car must be a maximum of 1.2 litres - the trio are making the journey in a 2012 VW Polo, which is being pushed to its limits.

Just two days into the trip, the car broke down in the Swiss Alps.

“As places go to be stranded, one could do far worse,” said Peter.

Repairs took two days and they were off again - only to break down four days later in Istanbul.

Now, they are back on the road and yesterday should have crossed into Iran.

Peter’s mum Judith has been following progress on Peter’s blog and live map on their website

She said: “I do feel very much part of this adventure, as I have been very involved in preparation, especially for Peter making sure he has enough anti rejection medication with him, vaccinations and correct supplies.

“Progress seems to be quite difficult, but having them home safe is what matters to me.”

Donations in support of Peter and CLDF can be made at