Paving way for continuing friendships across the ages

Faldingworth's new Path of Friendship
Faldingworth's new Path of Friendship
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A new path at a village church will remember those lost in times of war, as well as help forge friendships of the future.

Since members of the Polish Air Force were stationed at the nearby airfield during World War Two, Faldingworth has maintained a close relationship with the Polish community.

Over the years, items to remember the debt owed to these men and women far from their homeland have been installed in the church and on the old airfield.

The latest addition is a path leading to the church, edged with red and white on one side, to symbolise the Polish flag, and red,white and blue on the other, for the Union flag.

And at the junction of the paths is a carved stone of a handshake - not of fine manicured hands, but of the hands of young agricultural workers of the time.

“This is the Path of Friendship,” said Colin Mitchell-Smith, part of the driving force behind the continued commemorations.

“It is all about bringing people together - it is not a dead memorial.

“It is important to get people to realise we are only people - not big companies.

“We all want the same when it comes down to it - security, to get on with things, love and friendship.”

The path, laid by Alistair Kelly of Middle Rasen’s A K Construction, and the handshake stone, carved by letter carver Jane Cowan of Wickenby, will be officially dedicated at the memorial service on Saturday May 18.

“Leading up to the dedication, the village school has been teaching about friendship and they are now in communication with a school in Poland,” added Mr Mitchell-Smith.

To help with arrangements, anyone wishing to attend the memorial day event is asked to call 01673 885384.